Some perspective needed - Leica Q2


Leica 1 California Museum of Photography 


Over at the Leica Forum there is a lengthy thread about people waiting for the Leica Q2 which is on backorder. People have been saying bad things about Leica, Leica stores, camera stores, and Jews ( B and H Photo ). Most of it revolves around not enough cameras being available for the demand. I was told by a manager that backorders will not be completely filled until late fall. Not uncommon for a popular camera to be hard to get. I remember when the first commercial autofocus camera the Minolta Maxxum was introduced and it was impossible to get. Also when the Nikon F4 was introduced in 1988 I witnessed a movie producer and a housewife pay a camera store salesman to be put at the front of the list to get the first cameras from a camera store. In the mid 1980’s when the M6 was released my wait for a camera was 7 months after it was announced.

The desire to get the latest is not limited to the photography world but I am amazed at the anger from people who want to part with $5000 for a camera. Many of the posters had only recently registered for the forum ID just so they could complain on the forum. Some think the lack of cameras is a deliberate attempt by Leica to increase demand. Others say Leica should have had a warehouse full of cameras ready to ship upon release date. 

It was not that many years ago that I was told that Leica was only making 100 of a certain flagship camera a month. People don’t realize how small Leica is as a company. I have heard that there are only about 200 workers at the Wetzlar plant. Leica equipment is sold all over the world, not just at your local camera store. This craftsmanship that we love so much about our cameras is made possible by a very small but dedicated group of workers. And just because Leica doesn’t announce how many cameras are going to be shipped each week doesn’t mean that they don’t care about the desire of customers to buy their product. 

First let’s get some perspective. This is not a cure for cancer. It is a great camera, I have one, but waiting for YOUR camera to ship is not the end of the world. Leica, like Apple, is one of the few companies that I think really feel that what they do is meaningful to people’s lives. Leica invented 35mm photography and they take that responsibility serious. So sign out from the forum and go take photos, that is what cameras are for. 

Leica LFI Magazine - 3/2019


The new issue of Leica Fotografie International is now available. The articles include an interview with the first Director of the Ernst Leitz Museum in Wetzlar, coverage of Photo London, New work at the  Leica galleries in Istanbul and Los Angeles, and an update to the LFI online gallery. The online gallery will soon feature individual photographers as well as its current mission of showcasing photography from around the world. On the new hardware there are articles on the Leica Q2, the Summicron 35 for the SL, and the limited edition M10-P “ASC 100” camera marking the 100th anniversary of the American Society of Cinematographers. 

As always the best part is the work of the featured Leica photographers from around the world. I have been a subscriber of the LFI Magazine since the mid 1980’s. It is fun to look back at how the camera world has changed but at the same time good work always is always appreciated.  



LHSA - International Leica Society

I just received my free membership to the International Leica Society. This is an organization for photographers that are fans of all things Leica. They just celebrated their 50th anniversary. They were previously called The Leica Historical Society of America. They changed their name to better reflect the mission of being a worldwide organization rather than just being an American club. I have been a member a couple of times. 

Currently if you purchase a system camera or a “Q” series camera you get a free one year digital membership. I qualified with my recent purchase of the Q2 camera. They have a quarterly newsletter, a members buy and sell section, and lots of info on how to use Leica cameras and are a leading repository on the history of all things Leica. They have group shoots a number of times a year and an annual get together that is quite popular. Last years was in Wetzlar, Germany, the home of Leica. 

Even if your not buying a camera in the near future I would recommend joining. The newsletter is worth the yearly fee alone. If you have any interest in the history of 35mm photography this is a great place to learn. Remember, Leica invented 35mm photography and the M10 is a direct descendant of the original Leica 1 from 1925.