All I've ever done ... All I ever want to do.

Jeff Mellody is an Street Photographer based in the Los Angeles area. I turn ideas into photographs to illustrate a concept or photo story that brings a viewer into the subjects life.

Artist Statement

Previsualization is an important aspect of the creation of my work. I do not count on "pleasant surprises". Deliberate would be the best way to describe the images that I create. Out of process comes work, work that is well defined. Experimentation is necessary but is only the beginning. I have been photographing for over 30 years and my work has been ever evolving and changing until it has reached the level it is at today. The journey begins anew every day.


 Jeff Mellody began his career as a professional photographer when he attended Hawkeye Community College in the photography program. After graduating he worked for 10 years as an industrial photographer for a large manufacturing company. The next 20 years were spent as a contract photographer for the United States Army. Though best known as a studio photographer he is well versed as a tabletop and environmental portrait photographer. I switched to a completely digital process in 1995 and have mastered 35mm, medium format and large format cameras. My Street Photography bag is equipped with film and digital Leica cameras and Leica lenses. Nikon Professional Services member.

Jeff is relaxed and easy to work with, and retains the ability to be creative even under pressure. He currently lives in Southern California with his wife Michelle and when not shooting assignments he can most often be found outdoors enjoying the sun and the surf.


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