Ona Bag Review - Ona Brixton

Well I guess one Ona Bag just wasn't enough. After purchasing a Prince Street messenger bag and being completely satisfied I went looking for a reason to get another Ona Bag. Mission accomplished, I just picked up a Brixton Bag.

The Brixton by Ona Bags

The Brixton by Ona Bags

Ona's Brixton bag is a step up from their Prince Street that I already own and love. The leather Brixton comes in Antique Cognac, Black, and Dark Truffle. The standard colors are Smoke, Black, Field Tan, and Black Nylon. The specifications are below:

  • Exterior dimensions: 13.5"L X 10.5"H X 5"D
  • Interior dimensions: 13"L X 9"H X 5"D
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs
Ona Bags Brixton (back) and Ona Bags Prince Street (front)

Ona Bags Brixton (back) and Ona Bags Prince Street (front)

Brixton on left, Prince Street on the right

Brixton on left, Prince Street on the right

I have included photos of the Prince Street and the Brixton side by side to give you some idea of the size difference. The Brixton is just a little taller and wider. 

Brixton end pocket

Brixton end pocket

The end pocket on the Brixton is larger than on the Prince Street. Large enough for an iPhone 7, which fits comfortably in the pocket. 


The back is as beautiful as the front. Notice the lump on the back flap, there is a magnet to keep the back closed. The carry handle is a loop that is attached to the center of the back. On the Prince Street it is a detachable strap that goes the length of the bag.


Detail of the back.


The bottom of the bag has lots of stitching for durability and is very well padded.


You can put a lot of gear inside of the bag. Multiple cameras and lenses. There are also plenty of pockets for accessories.


The computer section is designed for a 13" MacBook. It has padding all of the way around. This is my iPad Pro 9.7".


Adjustable brass snaps to keep the cover secure. No plastic, only strong brass. They are easily operated with one hand.


Brass receiver for the snap.


Large front pockets for the extras. The are deep and really hold lots.


Ear flaps to keep out the elements.


The shoulder pad can be adjusted for fit. These take a little while to break in, then they mold to your shoulder.


Just look at the room. Two bodies and four lenses and room for more.

Ona has done it again. A bag that can carry all of your gear but still has a small footprint. The leather Brixton sells for about $440. A little expensive but it is a fair price for a bag with this much room and plenty of padding. Highly recommended.