Do you really use all of those Leica’s


One of the more common questions I get is do I actually use my cameras. Pretty much every time I leave the house I take a camera. For most of my serious shooting I grab my M10. I like the look of the images but they are not that much different than the M 240 images. Actually they are the same. But the M10 is so much thinner that I feel more comfortable carrying it. The M10 feels so much like the M6 and I carried that for about 20 years so it has a familiar feel to it. 

The M240 has been mostly regulated to backup duty but it sees its share of action. The 28mm Summaron is mounted on it and that turns it into a nice little point and shoot camera. The more I shoot with that little pancake lens the more that I like it. Really has a film look to it.  

I have been shooting more and more film so my M6’s get the occasional exercise. Like to shoot tri-x and process it myself. I skip proof sheets and go straight to the scanner. I have shot so much film over the years that I can judge a negative without proofs. The Lightroom presets are nice but I still like the look of real grain. As long as they keep making film I will keep shooting tri-x. I should try to get a hold of the new Ektachrome, that would be a blast from the past. ( Funny, autocorrect doesn’t recognize the word Ektachrome ).  

And now to the poor neglected M8. I never really bonded with this camera. Occasionally I use my M8 as a poor mans Monochrom. I just leave off the IR filter since I’m not shooting for color. The images do print well in black and white on my Epson P800. I see no reason to give up on it so I just keep the batteries charged for the once and a blue moon excursion. 

As if I don’t have enough Leicas I still find myself looking at the CL. Not much reason for one but it would be a great carry all of the time camera. I like my iPhone 8 but I am not crazy about the 28mm field of view for all shots. I really am a 50mm guy. We’ll see.  

Summer is almost over so I will start shooting again. Just don’t like the harsh light of June through September.