Leica Lens Repair - Over 6 Months


I usually have nothing but good things to say about my Leica experience but I must admit I’m disappointed with Leica this time. This is not the first time that I’ve sent a product to Leica for repair. Usually it takes a little longer than normal but I don’t mind because Leica is a small company and I’m paying a premium to get it done correctly. 

But this time has gotten to be too much. I sent my 35mm Summicron from the pre-digital days to be converted to 6-bit so that the lens info would be written in the data stored in the files. There is nothing wrong with the lens, I just wanted the lens mounted updated to 6-bit. I was quoted 3 months for estimate and repair at the Leica Store. It took almost 2 months just for the estimate. I am almost at 6 and 1/2 months so I called and they are going to try to get it back in about a week.  

Leica, if you can hear me, you must do a better job at repairs. Leica Rumors even recently posted that repairs is one of the areas that the company needs to improve. It makes it hard to do work with a tool when the manufacturer takes over 6 months to do a simple repair. This has been a long time without my favorite wide-angle lens. I am a Nikon Professional Services member and they do make repairs a priority for working professionals. Leica please bring back your program for professional photographers.



After 203 days my lens has been returned.