Leica LFI Magazine- 2.2019


The latest issue of the LFI magazine has arrived. I always look forward to each issue. 

I subscribe to three photography magazines. The Leica LFI which I have subscribed to for over 30 years. APERTURE magazine which comes and goes depending on how I am feeling about the latest issue. And LENSWORK, which I like because it just does portfolios and no equipment news. 

In the pre-internet days the LFI magazine was the only venue for Leica news and reports. The rest of the mainstream magazines ignored Leica products. They only time they were mentioned was when a new camera or lens was introduced and that seemed like it only happened during solar eclipses. 

I enjoy looking at the old magazines from time to time. Before digital there were just 2 lines of cameras. The “R” line which was the SLR. And the “M” line which are the rangefinders. I always kinda felt like the “R” line was treated like a second class citizen. The reporting was more specification based, not opinion based like today. Nowadays camera reviews are more like reading the opinion page of a newspaper and less like just the facts on the front page.